Published by Jessica Kingsley

Successful School Change and Transition for the Child With Asperger Syndrome:

A Guide for Parents Paperback


Moving to a new school can be a daunting prospect for the child with Asperger syndrome, and parents are often left feeling powerless to help prevent the anxiety and loss of confidence which may ensue. Clare Lawrence's new book provides parents of children with Asperger syndrome practical advice on how to prepare their child for moving to a new school, and how to help make the transition as smooth as possible. A wide range of material is covered, including useful guidance on choosing the right school, supporting the child during the period prior to the move, and identifying and practising the different social rules and expectations of the new school. Strategies covered in the book include working out a transition time-line, identifying a named adult and 'safe haven' at the school, and effective communication between parents, teachers and support staff. This clear and accessible book will be an invaluable resource for parents of children with AS who are moving to a new school, and will also be of interest to the teachers and education professionals who work with them.


Endorsements for Successful School Change and Transition: 

Written by the parent of a talented child with Asperger syndrome, Clare Lawrence's book offers a deceptively simple yet ingenious and insightful set of guidelines on how to cope with school transitions.  Reflecting her background in teaching, Clare is able to illuminate with remarkable clarity not only the pitfalls that may await families and schools at this time, but also effectiveway of avoiding them.

I recommend this book to all parents of children with Asperger syndrome who are concerned their child may have difficulty coping with school transitions. If these recommendations were implemented widely, by teachers and parents, much distress and disruption experienced by families and schools could be averted."


David Skuse,
Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
UCL Institute of Child Health & The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children


 "This is a much-needed book on a very important subject.  Highly recommended."

Carolyn Unsted,
Deputy Director Children's Services, London

"Clare has combined her ability to articulate simply and concisely the ever complex issues surrounding AS and education with her depth of knowledge of the subject area to produce a valuable and intelligent book. I would certainly recommend this to any parent or professional involved with a child with AS who is facing transition and congratulate Clare on (another) excellent publication in this field."


Dr Luke Beardon,

Senior Lecturer in Autism, Sheffield Hallam University


"Moving schools for children on the spectrum can be a positive experience if approached in the right way. It requires an understanding of autism, knowledge of the individual child and planning. This book provides both parents and teachers with some excellent tips and strategies to make a successful school transition possible."


Andrew Powell,

 National Autistic Society - UK Family Support Programmes Co-ordinator and author