Published by Jessica Kingsley

How to Make School Make Sense:

A Parents' Guide to Helping the Child with Asperger Syndrome


Every child's education relies on a partnership between parents, professionals and, of course, the child. This book gives parents of children with Asperger syndrome (AS) practical advice on how to make the most of this important partnership and work with schools to ensure their child's needs are being met.The book explores how parents can prepare their child for school life and how they can work with teachers to improve the classroom environment, as well as the school environment as a whole, for their child and consequently for the benefit of all pupils. Strategies include peer education, the use of visual cues and rules and effective communication between parents, teachers and teaching assistants.This clear, accessible book will be an invaluable guide for parents of children with AS and will also be of interest to the teachers and educational professionals who work with them


Endorsements for How To Make School Make Sense


"My face was smiling all the time I was reading it, thinking, 'Yes, that's great advice.' An excellent book."


Prof Tony Attwood


'How to make school make sense' adopts a refreshingly honest and realistic approach. Outlining practical and achievable changes that parents can instigate themselves, it helps parents gain confidence that they can make their child's life at school a less bewildering and altogether happier experience.


Dr. Rebecca Chilvers, University College London

We seldom realise how alien and unwelcoming school can be to kids on the spectrum. How to Make School Make Sense had me involved and thinking throughout. It offers many concrete suggestions and guides the mind to create one's own solutions. A most useful resource.


Jan Campito, author of Supportive Parenting: Becoming an Advocate for Your Child with Special Needs